Comprehensive screening and disease monitoring over time to improve patient care.

TriVox Health is a disease management platform currently monitoring thousands of patients at Boston Children's Hospital and several private practices. We have gathered over 2 million health data points over 25,000 online surveys.

What is TriVox Health?

TriVox Health is a web-based platform that provides remote monitoring, real-time analysis, and tracking of patients' disease symptoms and response to therapy over time.

TriVox Health enables clinics to use electronic surveys to gather data remotely from multiple responders, including patients, parents, school personnel and ancillary physicians, and view the responses in a timely manner using graphical, tabular, and natural language summary formats.

By using TriVox Health to monitor their patients between visits, physicians will be better able to identify potential problems early enough to intervene more effectively, while also more appropriately matching healthcare resources to patient needs. In turn, this will lower the cost of care for these patients. It has been developed in cooperation with and support from the Developmental Medicine Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

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Why TriVox Health?

Better Patient Care

Improve medical decision making by combining information from multiple perspectives in the patient's life. Monitor patients between visits to assess response to treatment longitudinally. Prevent unnecessary ED visits by identifying signs of adverse events before they happen.

Better Practice Management

Shorten visit duration and enable a focus on therapy with more accurate data before the visit. Save time & resources by streamlining and automating data collection. Make charting more efficient to ease documentation burden. Meet documentation requirements to ensure proper billing.

Easy to use

Intuitive for patients, caregivers & teachers with low barrier to entry. Flexible to meet physician needs with customizable questionnaires, configurable responder interaction and robust scheduling.

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